Friday, January 24, 2014

french home office 2014

 More pictures of my home office that recently underwent a makeover. 
The makeover involved a change of wall color,
 painting of furniture was involved, some inexpensive 
drop cloth curtains were created and then rearranging the layout. 
 This space is serene and sophisticated and is a great place to create.
 The large country hutch is great for displaying pretty things. 
This hutch was made over by changing the green color to this fantastic neutral.
I used Caromal Colours in Putty and Parchment.
If you order anything from Caromal colours, 
enter MaisonD at checkout to get a discount on shipping!

Behind the lace curtain is a trunk filled with fabric remnants and pillows.
Next to the former closet is a niche that I made into a display area.
 An artsy fabric inspiration board I created  displays
 vintage swatches of Shabby Chic couture fabrics.
Oh the mess that had grown over time~the overflow of creativity on full disfunctional display here. Take notes people! You can change your space by editing, and using lots of paint on walls and furniture.  The large bonnet top piece was just picked up at auction and it was the catalyst that spurred the makeover.  I switched out the rug for an inexpensive sisal style rug from Home Decorators Catalogue.
Ahhhhh~so much nicer! 
But where did I put all the stuff that I need? 
A work space can't be just about pretty!
 The work stuff is kept in this area of the room shown below.
I cloaked my old drafting table in drop cloths and added a plank board top.
 I painted the plank boards with the same Caromal Colour,
 Putty, but I watered it down to create a wash. 
To create more storage I stacked these pine cubbies hubs 
picked up at a work site that were being tossed. 
Hubs was going to use them for tools, 
but I politely asked if I could have them~
 They are perfect for keeping my magazine collection
and helpful in organizing my things.
Under the skirt are baskets that hold sewing supplies.
The wire baskets were found at Home Goods in the pet department for $7.99 each.
They came with painted on words like "kitty", so I just painted over the tags.
  Always check the baby and pet sections of these shops 
as they have items you can use like these awesome wire baskets. 
The finished result is a room I love spending time in~
its what I call my little french home office!
PS A while back my old "Marie Antoinette" office was featured 
at the Office Stylist~click to view it!
My, how my tastes have changed!!