Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Trend Alert: Abstracts and Colors

Trend Alert: Abstracts and Colors
If you are into vibrant colors infused together to make a scintillating piece of art, and you want something like this to be a part of your interior then this is the year you can do so. Design and decor experts have predicted that this year will be filled with colors and abstract designs giving your homes a more artistic appeal than ever. If you want to get trendy with the home decor you choose then you can just do so with these easy decor ideas.
The walls would say it all
The best way to incorporate a particular theme or design trend is to get a dominating element printed painted or accessorized with it. Walls are what rule your rooms and sets the mood for a particular theme. So if you’re looking for some abstract attraction or a beautiful color splash then just let our walls do the talking.
One way to do an artistic abstract decor is to paint an abstract focal wall to draw all the attention to it. Although, it is a bit risky but if done right, your wall and the entire decor can turn out great. If you are painting an entire wall in abstract patterns and colors then the best way to go with it is by keeping the rest aesthetically simple.
aesthetically simple
aesthically simple
If that is just too much of a paint job for you and you want it to be dominant over the entire decor then you have alternative options to keep things artistic. You can add a stunning piece of art on your wall and transform the whole look of your space without much effort.
Abstract windows
abstract windows

Thursday, February 5, 2015